Nozovent can be used at any time of day or night for those who need improved nasal airflow and relief from congestion.

For snoring and nocturnal asthma, Nozovent should be used at bedtime to optimize your sleep.

Nozovent should provide immediate congestion relief and offer easier nasal breathing to support a better sleep and quality of life.

If used during sleep, you may ask your partner about any improvement to your snoring.

When used routinely during sleep, people suffering from nocturnal asthma may benefit from fewer attacks.

For most conditions, Nozovent users find they are more energized, less tired, and experience less dry mouth.

In a clinical trial, Nozovent was shown to be significantly more effective at increasing airflow through the nose versus nasal strips.

On occasion, Nozovent may fall out or become dislodged. Simply re-insert it as demonstrated in the instructions. To make it easier to find your strip, you may consider marking the mid-section with a water resistant colour marker.

Nozovent can be used in different conditions that require increased nasal airflow, such as snoring, sleep apnea, congestion due to colds and allergies, deviated septum and nocturnal asthma.

If you have or suspect you have sleep apnea, please consult your physician. Ask your physician if Nozovent would be helpful for you.

It is recommended that you clean your strip with soap and water and store it in its box between uses.

Store Nozovent between 5° and 60° C. Avoid humidity.