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What is Nozovent?

Nozovent nasal dilator is a latex-free and hygienic plastic strip that is placed inside the nostrils to improve nasal airflow.

When inserted into the nose, Nozovent increases nasal airflow, reduces snoring, and decreases nasal congestion from colds and allergies.

For asthma sufferers, Nozovent reduces nocturnal asthma attacks.

Customer Reviews

I’ve used this item for many years – though I’ve tried others, I’ve never found anything to equal this item for keeping breathing passages open and giving me a good night’s sleep.

Whirlie, Amazon

I sleep much better now.

Natalie, Amazon

This is a great product! I use them nightly and they help me breathe better. More air, less asthma attacks! Works for me!

Herman, Amazon

Why choose Nozovent?

  • Reduce snoring

  • Relieve congestion

  • Decrease nocturnal asthma

  • Promote better quality of sleep