Clear the nose from the blood and place the tip of Nozohaem tube into the nostril, about 1 -1,5 cm.


Gently squeeze the tube to push all of the gel into the nostril with one hand while your other hand’ thumb and index apply light pressure on both nostrils to keep the tip in place until the flow of blood stops. Sometimes a second tube may be necessary.


Wipe away any excess and allow the gel to remain in the nose for 30 minutes. Once the bleeding has stopped, the gel may be left in the nostril to clear away naturally or it may be gently be blown out into a tissue.

Simplified Natural Healing Process for Nosbleeds

Damaged vessel, blood leaks out, the vessel wall reacts with constriction.

Platelets aggregate to collagen to form a plug, then plasma coagulates and fibrin threads/clots are formed.

Fibrinolysis – The fibrin clot is dissolved and vessel healed within 10 days and blood flows normally.