Effective, easy-to-use gel treatment for nosebleeds

  • Discrete
  • Safe
  • Simple
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What is Nozohaem?

Natural healing process of bleeding may need extra support! Nozohaem gel exerts pressure on the nasal mucosa and the bleeding vessel supporting the natural blood’s coagulation response in moments to stop the bleeding.

What they say about us

I suffer from Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT), an inherited disease that leads to malformed blood vessels. Of the many products that I have tried over the years, I have found Nozohaem to be the most convenient and simple to use. Once the nozzle of the small tube is inserted into the nose, the gel is squeezed into the nostril, and takes effect within minutes, stopping the flow of blood. I now carry spare tubes in my purse everywhere I go.

Marlene Gill

Both of my sons and I have Von Willebrand’s Type 2B. My two and a half year old has had six trips to the ER for infusions due to frustrating nosebleeds we can’t get stopped. My mom found out about Nozohaem, that will help stop a nosebleed, dissolves over time, and doesn’t break off the clot. I tried it on my son this last bleed and it worked! This could be life changing for us.

Kelly Fisher